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la culpabilidad y los móviles racistas del acusado. >>> la toyota, con más problema rs la lexus tendría problemas de estabilidad se recomienda no comprarla 6789 6789 este es su noticiero univision con jorge ramos y desde méxico maría elena salinas . >>> qué tal, buenas noches el gobierno mexicano no iba a revelar, pero se filtró un informe indica que más de 22 mil personas han muerto desde que el presidente calderón lanzó ofensiva, el año pasado ha sido el más violento el problema no cesa y como nos dice edgar muñoz entre los nuevos objetivos están los consulados en méxico. >>> luego del estallido de una granada que causó cristales rotos en ventanas y susto de empleados la noche del viernes pasado >>> gracias a dios lo abrieron y aquí estamos tenemos cita a las 11 ahorita. >>> carlos pascual embajador de estados unidos en méxico dijo que aún no se ha dado con los culpable y que el gobierno mexicano reforzará la seguridad. >>> podamos mantener la seguridad del consulado no solamente para el personal y también porque vienen cientos de mexicanos todos los días p
black eye for toyota, this time for one of its long-term champions. the slams the new lexus suv. we'll discuss what this means for the brand. >>> from consolidation to carry-on lcarry hf - carry-luggage fees. the president and ceo of virgin america will join us. >>> all right, well kmp back to "the call." i'm melissa francis. let's get you caught up on where the markets are trading right now. s&p 500 trading to the down side about 0.03%. the dow also trading on the down side, almost flat on the session, about 0.10% below that 11,000 mark right now and nasdaq on the down side. a little more than 0.10%. european markets getting ready for their close and right now all of them in the down, as well. the cac down by 11 points. >>> lots going on in the airline sector including increased consolidation. of course, charging for carry-on luggage as airlines scramble to find new sources. joining us right now to discuss, we have virgin america president and ceo david cush. first of all, your thoughts on this increased consolidation we're seeing and how that will affect you and your business. >>
a decade since they evaluated any vehicle this poorly. yet another black eye for toyota. >> that's right. >> it, of course, is the parent company. >> this is a rare and very direct warning for buyers and owners of the lexus gx 460. about 5,000 cars have been sold. consumer reports says do not buy this car. they found significant and severe rollover risk during turns. they do all of these controlled testings, four different drivers found the same problem. they got another vehicle, found the same problem on this one. they say it is not isolated. it is a problem with the electronic stability control system. it manages the brakes and the steering together. so if you're going up an off ramp and there is some sort of an obstacle, you turn quickly, there could be a real rollover risk for people with this car. if you have this car, they say be very careful on any on ramps or off ramps because they're very concerned about the stability of the vehicle in those circumstances. take it to your toyota dealer and demand a fix. if you don't own this car and thinking about it, consumer reports in a very
. >>> a new safety warning about another toyota model. consumer reports magazine is urging you not to buy the new lexus gx460. it says it's test uncovered a roll over problem while making turns. calling toyota the fix the problem fast. toyota has not commented on the warning. this another set back for the company. toyota had to recall 8 million vehicles worldwide for accelerator problems. >>> is the recession over? the committee which determines the official start and end date for u.s. recessions met last week but says it ca k not determine the official ped end date. it confirmed december 2007 was when the recession began. most economic indicators have improved recently including the dow which closed above 11,000 for the first time in 18 months yesterday. even if there is no official determination of an end date, most economists agree that the recession is likely over. baltimore will receive federal disaster funds for the december snowstorm, remember the one that dumped 20 inches of snow in the city. baltimore wasn't included in president barack obama's initial disaster, because the city
of the devastation and the enduring spirit there. >>> new trouble for toyota. one group is warning consumers they should not buy a certain vehicle. >>> and lost and found. a positive outcome tonight in the kind of story that all too often doesn't end this well. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. he is a genuine american hero. neil armstrong was the first man on the moon. since those years he receded into a quiet life in america. there is no neil armstrong action figure, no chain of restaurants, and while he's walked on the moon, he's never been tempted to dance with the stars. our veteran space correspondent jay barbree exclusively obtained a letter written by neil armstrong and several other icons of the space program. it directly challenges president obama's reported plans to idle the u.s.-manned space program. astronauts armstrong, jim lovell and gene cernan write, "without the skill and experience that actual spacecraft operation provides, the usa is far too likely to being on a long downhill slide to mediocrity." and on this annive
and bitten by bugs, but otherwise ok. >> one of the luxury vehicles made by toyota has been recalled. >> we will tell you how toyota is responding. >> it maybe baseball season in baltimore, but it is never too soon to start thinking about tomorrow. we will talk about the upcoming nfl draft. >> we will also have a brief interruption of our fantastic spring weather. this could last the next couple of days. it is 49 >> with less than two weeks before the nfl draft, the baltimore ravens held a luncheon to discuss the process. the coaches talked about what it means to play like a raven. >> guys have a chance to get into these different spot. who is going to make our team the best it can possibly be? the ravens have done a great job of that for years. >> the nfl will take on a new look this year. coming up tonight at 6:00, we take a closer look at the raven's a draft process. >> now, you're into weather forecast -- your instaweather forecast. >> light rain is continuing to fall in some areas. that trend should continue overnight. rain is heading toward the south and east. i -- skies should actual
to the crash, this is brought to you by toyota and your local toyota dealer. buy right the first time and you'll save more in the long run. >> and back to you. >> let's go to the ronster. ron matzs! >> we're out in front of the benjies. >> reporter: well, i'll tell you, earn's blowing -- everyone's blowing their horns. we're live, bengies boulevard. good morning. >> good morning. >> how are you. well, well, thank you. >> through for the great marquis. >> this is the 55th season, 54th anniversaryyear. >> and how many cars can come into the drive in? >>> well, we hold 750 and we've done better. >> what's the record? >>> well, 92. we did well with the dark knight. and in washington, we did a promoe and somehow, we had 1200 cars in the drive in theater. you have the biggest screen in north america? >>> well, i say usa, but technically, north america. it's 52 x 120. >> how many drive ins are left in maryland and in the country. >> well, in maryland, there's one. >> that's the country, that's the benjies and in the country, it seems for the last five or six years to be around 600 sites. >> and ken
. >>> we are on your side with the new safety warning about another toyota vehicle. consumer reports magazine has uncovered global problems with the new lexus gs 460. toyota has sold about 5000 of the vehicle in the three months since the suv went on sale. toyota has not commented on the morning. -- warning. severe storms dumped a lot of rain in florida. cars were stalled. flood advisories were in effect since yesterday. looks like that is headed our way. >> we aren't going to get anything heavy. we were in the 70's yesterday. >> it is starting to feel normal. >> it will warm up by the end of the week. 65 on thursday and friday. cooling off on the weekend. >> i don't know whether to keep my jacket on or off. >> let's show you what's happening. let's show you the time lapse from early this morning. we have glimpses of sunlight along the horizon. as the day went on, the crowds continued to get thicker. eventually some showers and a little fog as light rain continues to fall. raindrops coming down across the city. 57 is a warm spot south of town where they're not seeing rain yet. 54 deg
advantage. >>> the hits keep on coming for toyota automotive. now, consumer reports is telling readers not to buy a new toyota lexus suv. altison harmelin reports for wjz. >> consumer reports is telling drivers not to drive the lexus. >> the last time we advised that a consumer didn't buy a car because of a safety risk was in 2001. >> reporter: during emergency handling test, the rear end swings out wide, until the gx is almost sideways. it does activate, but consumer reports says it takes too long to get the vehicles back under control. >> if this happened in a real road situation, on a public road, a rear tire could hit the curb or slide off the pavement. and this could lead to a rollover. >> lex ution is toyota-- lexus is toyota's luxury line. and it is concerned with what consumers found. the company also said, please keep in mind, the 2010gx460 meets or exceeds all federal government testing requirements. >> the luxury suv went on sale back in november. and since then, lexus has only sold about 5,000 gs460s. >> but toyota has been getting an earful from the drivers of other makes
for drivers. toyota's latest troubles coming >>> charges are being considered today in the case of a tennessee woman who sent her recently adopted russian son back to moscow. torre hanson put the 7-year-old child on a one-way flight back to russia last week. she attached a note saying that the orphanage she adopted him from failed to disclose psychological problems. an attorney is havinging child abandonment charges but may have to be filed in virginia. the loudoun county prosecutor says that alone does not give him jurisdiction to prosecute and does not plan to bring charges. >>> a verdict in a multimillion dollar sex abuse lawsuit against the boy scouts of america. jurors in the oregon case have ordered the organization to pay a portland man $1.4 million because of repeated sexual abuse he suffered from a scout master back in the '80s. the jury decided the scouts are libel for punitive damages and negative general for failing to take steps for preventing abuse after keeping a secret list of suspected ped fills for -- pedophiles. >>> the nebraska's republican governor signed an abortion law t
on monday and tuesday. >>> the toyota sports desk is brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >> capitals and stanley cup. is it doable? >> absolutely. i think it will happen. it is time for playoff hockey. it starts thursday night at the phone book. game one with the montreal canadiens. bruce boudreau said that nicklas backstom is questionable but probable after being injured on sunday. bruce boudreau had been quiet about his starting goalie but said theodore will start between the pipes against the habs. he was a great comeback story. he was pulled early in the playoffs last year and suffered the loss of his infant son. since august, he has been phenomenal. >> what people did not realize is the 10 previous games before the playoffs, they were not anywhere near his 10 previous games were here. there is no short leash. he is the guy we're going to go with. >> bruce boudreau. the capitals had invited the fans to join them tomorrow morning at 10:30. they want you to rock to the red at practice. there was an extra pack in the step today. you could feel it at practice
in redskins park. >>> the toyota sports desk, brought by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. >>> j.c. campbell is no longer a free agent. carolina, buffalo, oakland, they are the possible trade partners. anthony bryant was also signed. haynesworth was still a no-show at redskins park. he is a very real draft day candidate. i think the redskins will take trent williams. ben roethlisberger burke will not face criminal charges. the district attorney said he did not have enough evidence to convict -- to convince jurors that a sexual assault had occurred. the wizards and knickerbockers tonight, the final road game of the season. this gives washington a 810- point lead late. -- a 10-point lead late. the neckar barker's beat the wizards tonight. the nationals were in philadelphia for their home opener, and the nationals gave up seven on answered runs. this is chase utley. if it is fair, it is trouble. it hits the foul pole for a two-run home run. the phillies have their best start since 1993. the plight of the day, look at coral crawford. that is a phenomenal grabbed. crawford went
>>> a warning about an suv that is getting a don't buy marking from consumer. the new lexus is plaguing toyota. >> when consumer reports t alks, people listen. this was a big deal when the magazine called the lexus suv a risky buy. another blow for toyota. this man is walking around running his parents. his suv as part at home. >> i was nervous. >> it is not the recent model that they are recommending not to buy. hearing the stern warning regarding safety risks definitely got his attention. >> i would not buy a lexus right now. >> they say they car is prone to sliding when driven into sweeping turns and can cause rollover accidents resulting in wrist injury or death although there are no reports of such accidents. they also said the risk of a x460 isri in a g significant. >> there is an animal or a pot hole, you might turn the wheel more and have the vehicle load the front and the rear end will naturally slide. >> this set the warning comes at a time when toyota is trying to repair its reputation. the warning also stands out because consumer reports has been credited as one reason for toyota's
by toyota. we've got more it, though. >>> it's been more than a month since former new york congressman eric massa resigned from office and left washington. today we are getting new details about just how bad things reportedly got for his staffers in his office. "the washington post" reports that massa's aides repeatedly complained to senior staff, alleging that massa touched them in a sexual manner or made sexual overtures, including expressing desire to have sex with one of the men in the office. this as the house continues to investigate the allegations against the former congressman. nbc's luke russert is on capitol hill. luke, why are we learning such specific and quite honestly to some, disturbing, allegations now? >> reporter: well, tamron, it's quite interesting. what a lot of members said to me who are close to the situation about a month ago, is once you get some real investigative reporting into eric massa, you're going to have a real big problem. all sorts of allegations are going to come out. that is, in fact, what happened today with the amazing report from the "washington post
in a decade. and it is just the latest safety concern for parent company toyota. nbc's leanne gregg has more. >> reporter: just what toyota didn't need -- don't buy recommendation from "consumer reports" for the 2010 lexus gx 460 suv because of rollover risks. >> we are telling people not to buy it until that is fixed. >> reporter: the problem, electronics stability control system, reportedly doesn't intervene quickly enough when the vehicle slides out of control during sweeping turns. those findings from "consumer reports" standard handling test. >> the rear wheel could slooif off the pavement or hit a curb that could lead to a tripped rollover. >> reporter: adding to rollover concerns the gx is tall with a high center of gravity. consumer watchdog group says no other suv in recent years slid out as far as the lexus gx. the don't buy recommendation follows toyota's recall of a dozen vehicle models in recent months over sudden acceleration issues. a crisises that it damaged its reputation. in a statement released by lexus, the car maker says, quote, we will try to duplicate the consumer repo
of rolling over during certain turns. it is the latest news to hurt toyota's reputation, after recalling millions of vehicles due to faulty gas pedals. toyota says it will try to redo the test that consumer reports did and try to fix the problem. >>> results fell short of expectations. analysts keep an eye on the aluminum business. since it signals manufacturing trends. for more news, click on seeks money in new york, i'm farnoosh torabi. >>> a group of tiny tightrope walkers test the limit by sending a 3-year-old on the high wire. >>> the little girl walked the wire without a balancing pole, almost 30 feet up above six hungry siberian tigers. you can see, she's persistent. she fell three separate times. she started tightrope training when she was just 1 year old. do you think it's time to take her away from those people? >> the purpose of that with the bengal tigers, beautiful as they are, and hungry. >> i think we'll see a follow- up story to that story. that leads our news the next day. all right. >>> coming up alt 4:00. change your diet. a new report links food to alzheima
is manufactured by toyota. here it is. the magazine says the suv carries an unusually high risk of a rollover accident during certain types of turns. it's urging people not to buy the vehicle until the problem has been fixed. 5,000 gs-460s have been recalled. toyota is taking a serious look at the problem and appreciates consumer reports for bringing it to the company's attention. >>> how tough should you be when it comes to tough love? this is quite a debate. a new study on spanking is out. is it a good way to discipline your kids? we'll tell you what research found and get your views on corporal punishment. >>> new information in the search for missing florida girl haleigh cummings. apparently the search is on again. the putnam county sheriff's office said authorities are acting on a tip but won't, laberate beyond that. hill haleigh cummings was last seen in her father ronald's home. here's her picture. take a good look. ronald's then girlfriend and ex-wife misty croslin claims she put haleigh to bed that night and that was the last anyone saw of her. >>> well, there is more evidence that s
. >>> and more trouble for toyota and their luxury brand lexus, "consumer reports" saying flat-out, do not buy this car, it's dangerous and will flip over. a rare thing for "consumer reports" to do. we'll tell you how rare, after this. [ crowd cheering ] [ male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools, we're helping kids make more balanced choices every day. ♪ so, doctor... i've been thinking... no. you know how... no. so, doc, i've got this friend... [ male announcer ] talking to your doctor about erectile dysfunction isn't easy. actually, doc, there is something i want to talk to you about. [ male announcer ] but it's definitely a conversation worth having. twenty million men have had their viagra talk. when you're ready for yours, visit for helpful conversation starters and to learn how viagra can help. ask your doctor if your heart is healthy eno
eyewitness news at noon. a warning against toyota. which vehicle is called too dangerous to buy. and the final space walk for discovery, and why the astronauts ran into trouble this morning. and taking another live look outside at federal hill and stick around, your complete first warning weather forecast is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> a day of mourning in poland as thousands are prepared to say good-bye to the president and the first lady. the bodies of two are lying in state in the warsaw. they were among 96 who died in a plan crash this weekend. >>> the president's calling for solidarity in washington, d.c. today. >> for the sake of the common security and survival, we cannot drift. we need a new matter of thinking and action. that's the challenge before us and i thank all of you for being here to confront the challenge together in partnership. >> the president said that the risk of attacks is on the rise. he's calling for world leaders to work together. >>> the bodice of all 29 miners killed in west virginia have been recovered. a spokeswoman says that the last bodies
investigation. >>> breaking news for you moments ago, toyota ordered dealers to stop selling the luxury lexus gx460. as alison harmelin reports, this comes after consumer reports issues a rare warning for that surf. >> consumer reports magazine is telling drivers not to buy the lexus gx460 suv. >> this is a fairly rare designation. last time we advised that consumers didn't buy a car with a safety risk was 2001. >> conducted by the magazine, the rear end swings outed with, until the gx is almost sideways. they say it takes too long to get the vehicle back under control. >> if this happened in real situation, a rear tire could hit the curve or slide off the pavement and this could lead to a rollover. >> reporter: lexus is toyota's luxury line. and the automaker says it is concerned about what consumer reports found. and will try to dew point -- duplicate the test. they said, please keep in mind that it meets or exceeds all federal government testing requirements. >> reporter: the luxury suv went back on sale in november. and since then, they have only sold about 5,000. the company says the consum
toyota said. 20 10 s.u.v., that's the lexus 460 model. the move comes after consumer reports urged readering to steer clear of that model. they put a rare "don't buy" recommendation on that lexus because of a rollover risk. 4800 of those s.u.v.s have already been sold so far this year. the sales suspension comes as le lexus parent toyota deals with massive recalls and problems. >> tom: those problems at toyota have helped boost sales at rival ford. the automaker said today u.s. sales jumped 37% in the first three months of this year. that's ford's largest quarterly market share gain since 1977. ford's entire lineup saw higher sales, most notably in s.u.v.s and pickups, enough to make the company optimistic about consumer confidence. we'll find out more about ford's quarterly performance when it reports earnings at the end of the month. >> susie: it's crunch time, with just two days to go until your federal taxes are due back at the i.r.s. and kevin mccormally is here to help. he's editorial director at kiplinger's personal finance. in tonight's "tax tips", kevin takes on the 1099 m
or so, officials from toyota have now reported that they are taking one of their very popular models off the market after an extremely rare warning from "consumer reports" magazine. it says do not buy the lexus gx 460. toyota owns the upscale lexus brand. "consumer reports" says the suv has a problem with its stabilization system. in short, it could just roll over. drivers for the magazine reported a fishtail effect that could cause the vehicle to upend itself. toyota now reports it will at least for now stop selling the gx 460. we're told the company will conduct its own tests on the suv and then decide what to do next. toyota is already suffering a bruised reputation after it recalled millions upon millions of vehicles because of the problems with their accelerators. now to the adoption outrage and word that the woman who sent back her adopted son with a note attached did it even while she was trying to get another child for adoption. the report comes from abc news information from sources at the sheriff's department. remember the woman in shelbyville, tennessee adopted this kid from r
? here's what we got on the run down. toyota's new luxury model suv taken on a test drive. the testers didn't like where they wound up. now they're telling you actually not to buy this. how big a deal is it? i'm going to talk to a top tester at consumer report and a mechanic. >>> plus, does the booef in your fridge contain pesticides, veterinary drugs, even heavy metals? a federal says it might and is blaming the federal government for failing to keep it out of your food supply. >>> also another shake-up in late night. george lopez is getting shaken. this time he's laughing it off. well, maybe. i'll show you what he had to say. >>> but first, don't buy safety risk. those strong and rare words from consumer reports magazine. very trusted source. feeding a public relations nightmare for toyota. carmaker's new luxury suv, the 2010 lexus gx460 is coming under fire for "consumer reports" which says it may be prone to rollovers in merge handling situations. get into what that means in a bit. testers for the magazine say they does covered the problem during the routine test of the suv. that o
things and they all work. >> toyota buckles up and bears down in the face of another public relations headache. we'll tell you why a consumers group is urging people to not buy this luxury suv model. >>> toyota takes another hit. consumer reports is issuing a stern warning to car buyers not to buy the lexus gx 460. stephanie elam in new york to explain why. it's one problem after another for toyota. >> seriously, kyra. as far as "consumer reports" is concerned this particular issue is a serious one. the magazine put a don't buy warning on the lexus gx 460 suv and it hasn't used that warning in nine years. the problem is safety. "consumer reports" found the suv has a high risk of roll overs. the electronic stability control failed to keep the vehicle in line during tests. as for tote a it's going to try to duplicate the tests, but in the meantime the automaker says the 2010 gx 460 meets or exceeds all federal requirements. >> toyota is already dealing with a pr nightmare because of january's recall, i mean, 8 million vehicle. what does the latest wrinkle mean for the company? >> well,
the 2010 lexus gx460 by toyota can spin out, actually spin out in tight turns and can roll over. the magazine is urging people not to buy that particular suv until the problem has been fixed. in a statement, toyota says it is concerned about that finding and will look into it, adding, quote, the gx 460 meets or exceeds all federal government testing requirements. >>> in west virginia, the focus shifts from recovery to investigation. early this morning crews brought out the last nine bodies of the 29 miners killed and yesterday afternoon, one week after the explosion. a memorial for the miners at the state capital. a moment of silence and expressions of gratitude. >> all of the people who came forward to help during that period of time, all of the people that gave of themselves and so much to make sure that they could ease the pain. >> no word yet on when investigators will go inside the upper big branch mine. a couple offed spacecraft almost became their floating tomb. apollo 13 astronauts remember their unlucky mission 40 years ago this week. >>> a spring snowstorm targets the
problems for toyota. consumer reports -- it's one thing for consumer reports to say you might want to avoid this one. consumer reports put the stamp do not buy on a luxury vehicle from lexus. we'll give you the details. plus they take a chunk out of every one of our paychecks but how does the u.s. government spend our tax money? have you ever wondered where your money goes? there was no way to figure it out but there is now. the new fox news taxpayer calculator and you're going to want to see this coming up next. for the first time in nine years consumer reports magazine is warning readers do not buy a certain vehicle. it's made by toyota owned lexus. according to this magazine, the 2010 lexus gs460 surface from a serious rollover risk because the electronic stability control system doesn't work, they notified nhtsa and lexus plans to retest the vehicle. the latest black eye for toyota already forced to recall more than 8 million vehicles because of safety problems. >>> more on this on our website. >> it's all your money. the big day is almost upon us, tax day in the u.s.a.! how is the gove
this morning an urgent warning about another toyota vehicle. "consumer reports" says the new lexus gx-460 is not safe and you should not buy it. jennifer westhoven is looking out for you. >> it is very rare for "consumer reports" to say anything like that, that's so, you know, it almost sounds inflammatory, don't buy it. you rarely see that. often they'll say we don't recommend it, or we like this better. but that's what it's saying about the 2010 lexus gx460, says it can tip over during a turn if you're on an exit ramp because there's a problem with the electronic stability control. only about 5,000 have been sold so far. we have been trying to contact lexus early this morning for some kind of a response. they did talk to the detroit free press so lex success saying "we take a serious look at this and appreciate "consumer reports" bringing it to our attention." they're saying it does exceed all federal safety requirements. we'll keep an eye on that one. >> a lot of recalls lately. thanks so much, jen. >>> two astronauts from the space shuttle "discovery" are doing their last space walk o
about vehicles made by toyota and consumer reports are now urging people not to buy certain cars. >>> at 4:30, a teenage girl murdered by an alleged sex offender, now her parents are taking steps to ensure that it doesn't happen to anyone else. >>> at 4:45, popular social networking website is taking steps to keep users safe and secure in cyberspace. >>> check out this video. mall workers and customers had a close encounter with an unexpected shopper. deer crashed true a coffee shop door in blacksburg, virginia, and ran right inside the shop before making its way to a fitness club. once inside the deer smashed into a mirror while people were working out. the deer eventually wound up inside the locker room where police finally found him. unfortunately, the deer had to be put down because of all of his injuries. >>> it is beginning to seem like broke a broken record. more troubles for toyota today. for first time in nine years, consumer reports magazine warns tufts not to buy a specific vehicle because of safety concerns. the one in question is the new model of the lexus. leanne gr
a gun to his virginia school. we'll tell you what punishment he faces. >>> and more trouble for toyota. what consumer reports" is saying about a lexus model. chuck is back with a look how much rain we can expect today. stay with us. we'll be back. allergies? chlor-trimeton. hey, one dose of this, six hour relief. chlor-trimeton relieves itchy, watery eyes and sneezing for 12 full hours with less drowsiness than benadryl. it does all that? chlor-trimeton. less drowsy relief that lasts 12 hours. laxatives? i've tried all these. this one's gritty. this one can make you bloated. clearly, miralax is the one for me. it relieves my constipation with no harsh side effects. miralax. restore your body's natural rhythm. >>> right now, on news4 midday, police identify the cyclist killed after she collided with a national guard vehicle. police say environmental journalist and artist constance holden was on her way home from work when she was hit downtown washington, d.c. yesterday afternoon. the truck was providing a military escort for president obama's nuclear security summit at the time. the 68-
. >>> another blow today for toyota. consumer reports issues a rare warning saying don't buy this lexus suv. >>> also tonight, we're learning more about the fights that they should be killed by a national guards truck involving downtown security around the global nuclear summit. >>> it's just things don't always turn out that way. we are just so blessed. so blessed. >>> it's being called a miracle rescue. how an 11-year-old girl was found alive in an alligator incentive swamp after she disappeared four days ago. we'll be back. " >>> the county prosecutor will not press charges against the tennessee woman who sent her adopted son back to russia. they say that the fact the boy caught a flight out of dulles airport does not give them jurisdiction to prosecute the case. the u.s. mother returned the boy to the russian orphanage saying they failed to enclose his psychological problems. >>> an amazing rescue in florida today. it's being called a miracle. an 11-year-old girl with a form of autism was found alive this morning after being missing for four days in dangerous swampland. sandra hughs sho
, toyota said it will stop selling the lexus gs-460. lisa stark has the story from the test track in connecticut. >> reporter: watch what happens when the lexus gx-460 comes into a curve too quickly and the test driver tripes to slow down by taking his foot off the gas. the rear tires slide out, resulting in a long, uncontrolled skid. consumer reports warns the suv could roll over. >> i've been here for 11 years. i have never seen an suv do anything this bad. >> reporter: fisher told me the suv's electronic stability control, designed to stop skids and rollovers did kick in, but too late. that's a pretty drastic recommendation, don't buy this vehicle. >> yeah, it's been almost 10 years since we've put a do not buy designation on any vehicle that we've tested. so, this really is a serious concern. >> reporter: in a statement today, toyota said it is concerned with the results of consumer reports' testing and will try to duplicate the results to determine if appropriate steps need to be taken. yet another big bump in the road for an automaker that can ill afford one. lisa stark, abc
not to buy that suv until the vehicle is fixed. toyota is concerned with the report and its engineers conduct similar tests. it promises to duplicate the consumer reports test to determine if appropriate steps need to be taken. couldn't come at a worst time for toyota. >> not from the company making the announcement itself but kind of the worst thing that could happen to them. surprised they didn't preempt the announcement come out with something ahead of time. >> one of the issues is the chassis, in fac, most of the automobile this year changed and that may be one of the problems for toyota. the lexus this one is quite different than previous lexus models and, as a result of that, that could be a big problem. supposedly need fixed. >> we will run our own tests and want to see this. >> they think it is an easy fix. >>> you see all those commercials they run 24/7 on cnbc. you remember the hot ipo a year ago. >> so has the success of that ipo translate under to long-term profts for rosetta stone? we'll talk to the ceo on the other side of the break. >>> how do you say business in swahili. roset
. "consumer reports" issued a safety warning on toyota's 2010 lexus gs 460 suv because of an increased roll-over risk during a turn. the magazine says it uncovered the problem during routine tests and is urging car shoppers not to buy the gx 460 until this problem has been remedied. toyota owns lexus. it's the first time the magazine has issued a don't-buy recommendation on a toyota product. toyota says it will try to duplicate the "consumer reports" test to determine if appropriate steps need to be taken and that consumer safety and satisfaction remain their highest priority. so that's the lexus suv. the gx 460. >> more problems for toyota. >> bleeding over into lexus, which is the one place that the damage has been contained had never been smearing on lexus until now. it's terrible. >> andrew, by the way, you wrote an article today in "the times" talking about how the banks have actually paid back their money. correct? >> you know, it's absolutely right. i wanted to take a look at the idea that maybe these bailouts, in their own way, have worked, from a mathematical perspective. we're now
this morning, consumer reports are out with a shocking new warning on toyota lexus. you'll want to hear this. so still around. kevin ferry has the story from the futures pits. stay right here. >>> welcome back, wieveryone. it's being reported that toyota's lexus gx 460 suv is a safety risk. consumer reports says they're urging consumers not to buy this suv until rollover risks have been resolved. you to toy is responding that it's concerned with the reports and that its engineers condition duct similar tests. it promises to try and duply indicate the tests to see if steps should be taken. >> you didn't say anything about accelerators sticking, did you? >> no. this is a completely different problem. >> do they typically buy a car? >> no. it's a rare thing. there have been other suvs that have had problems. >> rollover risks? >> yes. >> that's what people worry about. >> they're so top heavy. anyway, we'll have more from phil coming up at the top of the hour. right now, let's talk about the trading day ahead. kevin ferry is standing by at the cme group. kevin, we've pushed above 11,000, just b
news for toyota this morning. a top of the line lexus model has now been given a don't buy warning and labeled a safety risk. the 2010 lexus gs 460 suv did not fare well in emergency testing by consumer reports". the car proved susceptible to rollover, they say. this is the first vehicle to receive the don't buy distinction thins the mitsubishi montero in 2001. toyota released a statement this morning expressing concern over the results but adding the 2010 gx 460 meets or exceeds all federal government testing requirements. in this pr world, it's the last thing toyota needs right now as they're fighting all of these recalls. >> no question about that, chuck. coming up, as we know the president is looking at a list of about ten names to replace justice john paul stevens while republicans refuse to rule out a filibuster. coming up, "the daily rundown" interview with lamar alexander. he voted yes for the president's last nominee, sonia sotomayor. is he ready to do so again? >> and we're continuing to bring you live coverage of day two of the nuclear summit here in washington, d.c. com
toyota grow. >> reporter: it takes more than just rising roadsides. >> we're reversing a downward trend inside the beltway. >> reporter: it's bringing in a new way of thinking along with a new difficulting. >> with the new art building they expect to add 5,000 residents without adding to the environmental burden. you can see the rest of the cool cities on our website, >> thanks, mel. >>> it is 7:48 right now. 53 degrees out there. singing, dancing, talking plants. recognize that? little shop of horrors has it all. >> holly is at ford theater this morning. >> reporter: they don't necessarily going together. receipt re, humor, sci-fi and horror and why else wouldn't you burst into song. it is the little shop of horrors and it is at the historic ford theateare getting action. two puppeteers will show us why you need to see this version of the show and you need to see it here. it's all next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.  >>> if you are not familiar with little shop of horrors, it got it's start as a cult comedy from back in the '60s and it was made into
farm is asking toyota to pay up. the insurance company wants the automaker to reimburse it for crashes involving gad pedal problems. >>> the recession not officially over just yet, not according to the committee of economist that says the down turn starredded in december of 2007. the national bureau of economic research says it's still too soon to tell if there's more positive times recently. >>> and bidding for an energier bunny kept going and going. they paid 11 thow $11,000 for te original icon. >>> a slow response to the 2010 census. how many marylanders still haven't returned their form. >>> and 13 suspected members of the black ♪ my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
when you need it most. benadryl®. you can't pause life. >>> another blow to toyota's reputation. one of the s.u.v. got a don't buy warning from "consumer reports." during routine handling tests they found a problem that could lead to a rollover accident. when the s.u.v. made sharp unusual turns the back of the vehicle slid until it was nearly sideways. >> eventually the electronic stable control gains control but it swings out too far to create -- it creates a safety risk that could lead to a rollover in a real world situation. >> this is the first don't buy warning "consumer reports" has handed out in nine years. >>> the fee frustration over carry-on bags is moving two senators to do more than complain. you probably heard about spirit airline to charge for carry ons. karen gray houston looks at efforts to stop the extra charges. >> reporter: aren't you already furious that some airlines are charging you to check your bag? two u.s. senators, one from our area are trying to block the airlines from taking that to the next level. remember the good old days when air travel was actually f
.com and in sunday's paper. >>> topping the headlines right now, in a new blow to toyota, consumer reports is giving its luxus a rare don't buy warning. tests show it is acceptable to rollovers. >>> the polish parliament held a special ceremony to honor lawmakers killed in the crash in russia. >>> and as mourning continues, the state funeral for the president and first lady of poland is scheduled for sunday. >>> kyrgyzstan's leader says the abase will be allowed to remain, but manas still remains suspended indefinitely and the president could resign as early as today. he told reporters that he will retire if security is not -- >>> china is stepping closer to backing a fourth round, but doubts its long time trade partner is ready to cooperate with the united states. william cohen served as defense secretary in the clinton administration and is a frequent traveler to china. just back from china not too long ago. here we are at the nuclear summit and one of the big pluses was that the president did meet with president hu. president hu said they would talk at the united nations about sanctions, but abou
adelante la toyota vuelve a estar bajo la lupa pero enseguida aseguran que luis miguel fue hospitalizado. >>> olga brins aquí asegura que vendió su cuerpo ptbmi[xifvkptbp luis miguel recibió atención médica en los Ángeles, esta noticia empezó a circulara ayer, se desconoce qué tiene pero se especula que podría ser problemas al pulmón. >>> una portavoz del hospital dijo no poder confirmar ni negar que este en este hospital. la oficina del cantante no quiso con dpir mar esta información, un empleado del hospital que pidió a un nonimato dijo que el artista sí estuvo ahí y que fue visitado por su hermano y la modelo daisy fuentes. >>> curioso está perdón furioso alejandro fernández porque lo culpan por el fin de noviazgo una modelo brasileña atrae vez twitter dijo que no suele salero al paso a acusaciones como esta pero que ahora se meten con su integridad y la de su familia fue el novio de la modelo que dijo que el potrillo llamaba a altas horas de la madrugada . >>> bueno, bus, reaparece, olga breisky son revelaciones de impacto hasta juan gabriel ha salido salpicado, nha
'll tell you what you need to know. stand by. >>> another blow for toyota. one of its luxury lexus models gets a rare don't-buy rating from "consumer reports." what's behind this new safety concern? >>> and meet zeta. she's part of the next generation of bomb-sniffing dogs. we'll show you how their noses may help make america safer. >>> i'm wolf blitzer. we want to welcome our viewers in the united states, and around the world. the world. you're in "the situation room." -- captions by vitac -- >>> we begin with an urgent warning about possible terror activity at a popular vacation destination. an unusually blunt terms, israel's government is now delivering a dramatic message to israel's citizens. cnn's paula hancocks has the very latest from jerusalem. paula? >> reporter: wolf, all israelis should immediately evacuate egypt's sinai peninsula area. this is the urgent warning that israelis received this morning from the counterterror bureau. the bureau said they have concrete evidence of an expected terrorist attempt to kidnap israelis in sinai. they're also taking the unprece
. >>> more trouble for toyota. its lexus gs 460 was given a rare don't buy warning from consumer reports. the magazine says routine tests show the suv could roll over in real world driving situations. toyota is investigating. >>> tens of thousands lined the streets of warsaw as the body of president kaczynski's wife arrived home. her coffin was taken from the airport to the presidential palace this morning writ lies in state alongside her husband's for public viewing. jim maceda live in warsaw with more. jim, sounds like the mourning continues through the weekend where they have memorials set, state funerals, et cetera. >> reporter: that's right. i'm having a hard time hearing you, monica. the he motion we could talk about, we've been here three days, the sense of shock, trauma has not let up, even though the presidential couple are laying in state in death as they were together in life. a nation that lost so much, so quickly, the president, first lady, chiefs of staff, major leaders and various aspects of government, including intelligence agency. i can go down an extraordinary list of
're saying don't buy this car. needless to say, again, tough news for toyota whose reputation has been damaged by all of these recalls. i should mention this lexus not a part of the recall that we've been talking about over the last few months. but toyota did have this to say about the consumer report announcement today, lexus saying, quote, we're concerned with the results of consumer report's testing on the lexus gx-460 and they're suggested buyer recommendations. >> we should mention this car is the 2010 version of this lexus gx 460. it only went on sale in this november. only about 5,000 have been sold, and in real life circumstances there have been no actual reports, that we know of, of any deaths or injury because of what consumer reports is describing. jane: wow. jenna, thanks very much. jon: president obama getting down to business at the nuclear security summit that he called in washington. the president warning world leaders this morning the risk of a nuclear terror attack has gone up. take a listen. >> just the smallest amount of plutonium, about the size of an apple, could
and why the fbi is getting involved. plus, new troubles for toyota. the first time in nine years the "consumer reports" has issued a don't buy it warning for an s.u.v. it has nothing to do with the recalls.  >>> a pressure cooker of sorts for the american idol finalists. >> with nine contestants left the judges are out of saves and two will be voted off this week. >> one of these nine faces will be the next "american idol." >> reporter: double the pressure for idol surviving nine. after big mike got saved by the judges, two contestants will be sent home this week. >> we will do the best we can individually every week. whoever america votes for or doesn't vote for will decide. it's all good. >> everybody will go great and get on the songs, prepare hard and be ready. >> reporter: right now crystal is considered a front runner by the judges. she knows there is a lot of road ahead of her. >> nothing is sure in this kind of show. anything can happen. there are a lot of really talented people here. there is no front-runner in this kind of thing. from week to week
border. nobody on the ground was hurt. >>> new potential trouble for toyota today as it works to rebuild its reputation. "consumer reports" gave the new lexus gx 460 suv a rare "don't buy" safety risk" label. today toyota will duplicate a test to determine if appropriate steps need to be taken. toyota recently recalled 8 million vehicles worldwide for vehicles linked to unintended acceleration and braking problems. >>> now here's brian williams with a look at what's coming up tonight on "nbc nightly news." >> coming up tonight, our popular "making a difference" segment. it is about haiti. an american doctor who since the quake has been treating victims almost non-stop. she's working to save the hospital damaged in the quake. her story tonight on "nightly news." natalie, for now, back to you. >> thank you, brian. 8:04 right now. let's go back outside to matt and meredith. or meredith. >> where's mr. roker? >> i'm down here, meredith. we've got nice folks here. they're all from west virginia, all wearing the black ribbons in memory of the 29 miners who lost their lives tragically. we feel
for toyota, which obviously owns luxury carmaker lexus. consumer reports issuing a rare don't buy recommendation for the 2010 gx 460 suv this is due to a risk of rollovers. first on cnbc, we have rick paul for "consumer reports." good to have you with us. how rare is this? >> excuse me? >> how rare is it to say, don't buy? >> we have not issued a warning for consumers not to buy a vehicle because of a safety risk since 2001. it is pretty rare. >> when did you make this decision and did you feel any pressure because consumer reports has been so consistently positive on toyotas deer toyotae braking issue. did you feel you needed to come on hard? >> no, this is something we found in one of our routine handling tests. in the test, when the gx 460 is pushed to its limits, the rear end swings out wide until the vehicle is almost sideways. if this was to happen in a real world situation, it could lead to a rollover. >> so don't buy it? >> we're telling people not it buy it until that is fixed. >> i'm no automotive engineer and perhaps neither are you, but perhaps you are, how do you fix
negligent for repeated sexual abuse by a scout master. >>> toyota suspending sales of lexus 460 gx suv after a don't buy rating saying the vehicle is handling problems that could cause a rollover. >>> a remarkable story out of florida. 11-year-old girl found missing after five days. back to "hardball." >>> i go to washington as the representative of no faction or no special interests, answering only to my conscience and to you, the people. however, i know, i know i have a lot to learn in the senate but i know who i am and who i serve. i'm scott brown from -- i'm scott brown, i'm from rentham, and i drive a truck. >> we're back. that was scott brown the night of his big senate victory back in january. back then he signed autographs as 41, meaning he would be the 41st republican senator to help his party stop the democrats agenda in the senate. now he's mr. independent. just last night he voted with the democrats to end a republican filibuster on a bill to extend unemployment benefits. back in february he voted for a big democratic jobs bill. on top of breaking ranks with some votes, senator b
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